Welcome to Dancio! We are delighted to share our first collection of classes with you! Why Dancio? Let me count the ways....

Anytime, Anywhere

At Dancio, we know how hard it is to get to class every day.  Sometimes you are rushing off to rehearsal or the perfect class is just too far away.  Whether you want to take barre in the hallway before rehearsal, or do ballet in Bali...we've got you covered.  

The World's Best Teachers

How often do you have the chance to learn from the likes of Julie Kent, Craig Hall, Carlos Lopez and Lauren King? Our star studded debut roster is just the beginning, as we are poised to expand our stellar collection of classes.  From technical pointers to big stage artistry, now you can learn from the world's best.  


Oh hey, wallet! Renting a class for the price of a frappuccino? Now that is sweet.  Soon, with our expanded library of classes, unlimited monthly subscriptions will be available for the cost of a single live class.  

Listen up! 

We love music, and we know you do too.  The unique compositions from each class are available for purchase and download so that you can continue to practice independently.   Now that sounds good!  

Get Inspired

Experience the expertise, passion, and artistry of Dancio: ready, set, jeté!