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1. What is your earliest memory of dance? 

My earliest memory of dance is being at home watching movies with Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, John Travolta... or movies about breakdancing. I've always loved to dance anything.

2. Being a professional dancer requires taking good care of your body. What are some of the things you do to ensure that you’re staying healthy and strong outside of the studio?

Eat well and drink juices (specially they have ginger in it). I used to train at the gym or take pilates classes but the key is to not let your cross-training get out of control. You have to listen to your body. Sometimes I just need to stay at home and do nothing physically, not even walk.

3. What inspires you most while teaching dance?

Something that inspires me is seeing the progress in a dancer. Sometimes it's a correction that I give in the moment and I see the result right away, and sometimes it's the progress I see after a period of time.

Something that inspires me is when my dancers are enjoying and respecting all the efforts and time I'm putting in to help them. For a teacher, it's a great feeling when you know that the dancer is listening to you and cares and thinks about what you are saying. That makes me want to help them more and invest myself.

4. As a dancer, do you prefer barre or center?

As a dancer I used to prefer center, especially batterie and grand allegro.

5. Why?

I used to love petite allegro and grand allegro because I was good at jumping and I had a lot of energy. I felt like I would release all of my energy into my jumps and into the air. Now as a teacher, I think if you do a great barre with control and you are trying your best, it can make you ready to perform. It's the key.

6. Do you have the same preference in creating exercises for classes you’re teaching?

Not really. I look at a well-balanced class. A class that can work your body, but also work your brain. A class that can challenge your tempo and timing. A class that will make you work hard, but can also allow you to enjoy yourself or at least feel accomplished afterwards. A well-balanced class like this can help you improve your technique and artistry.

A very well-known star told me a few weeks ago after barre, "you are making me sweat!" You could see that she was working really hard, but she also had a huge smile on her face. It felt wonderful to hear her say that while smiling.

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