Q&A with Lauren King

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Dancio Barre with Lauren King

1. Did you immediately know you wanted to dance as a career? When did you start to take it seriously and how did that change your life? 

I think I always knew I wanted to dance as a career - my mom recently found an assignment I did for school when I was 10 years old explaining what we wanted our 15 minutes of fame to be...Mine was to dance on a big stage in NYC, with comfortable seats in the audience, and I would be doing "some of the hardest steps in the world." Talk about achieving goals! I was very shy in school and ballet class was where most of my friends were, so most of my time was spent at the ballet studio after school, and having that escape helped me cope with the intense shyness I had in social situations as a kid.

2. What is one thing you want your students to take away from your classes?

That dance can be fun, even though it is hard, and not to take yourself too seriously. If it was perfect then you would have no reason to keep taking classes - it would get boring!

3. In what ways does class prepare you performance? In what ways do you find you have to supplement preparation outside of class?

Class prepares me for a performance by allowing me to engage the muscles that I won't want to have to think about actively using during a show - they will already be awake and ready to work without too much extra effort. Outside of class I do gyrotonics once a week to help even out the effects of repetitive choreography and to ensure I am not cheating by using the wrong muscles to accomplish steps.

4. What is your pre-show warm-up routine?

I usually only do one class a day, so if the show is in the evening and I already have been dancing all day I just do a little stretching and a few exercises to engage my muscles but almost never do I do more than one barre a day. 

5. How do you think that a project like Dancio can help professional dancers and/or pre-professional dancers?

I love that Dancio allows dancers to take classes from teachers who they might not have the opportunity to take from otherwise. The different styles and emphasis of class allow a dancer to expand their skills and can also provide motivation if there is no open class available to them. 

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In less than 57 minutes, Lauren King gives a brilliantly structured and mentally challenging class that will spark both your muscles and your mind.

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