Ballet with Julie Kent

Students: Gisele Bethea, Rachel Richardson, and Remy Young

Julie Kent is a careful, measured, and warmly nurturing teacher in this class, featuring three young women from American Ballet Theatre. From pliés at barre to the révérence, the session lasts for 1 hour and ten minutes, with 45 minutes spent at barre.

Kent builds the sequences to warm up the large-muscle groups all over the body first and to concentrate on exacting footwork and allegro toward the end of barre as well as toward the end of the hour and ten minutes. The dancers wear soft shoes for the first 53 minutes. Then they switch to pointe shoes, which they work in for the remaining 17 minutes; one center-floor combination emphasizes the use of pointe shoes almost exclusively.

All of the combinations are constructed to give variety and texture. Kent demonstrates everything while also naming the steps. (Even pre-professional dancers don't always catch it all on one try!) Kent bonds with the dancers as well, especially during a concluding, improvised révérence for the excellent pianist, Robert Boston.

A lovely class that will warm you up, and energize you with knowledge and consideration.


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Ballet with Craig Hall

Students: Rachel Hutsell and Aaron Sanz

Class description coming soon. 


Ballet with Lauren King

Students: Beth Miller and Shoshana Rosenfield

In less than 57 minutes, Lauren King—soloist at the New York City Ballet—accompanied on the piano by composer Robert Boston, gives a brilliantly structured and mentally challenging class that will spark both your muscles and your mind.

From the first plié exercise at barre to the final sequence of glissade-assemblé-soubresaut (in place of a traditional révérence), combinations are intrecately choreographed. They build in rhythmic syncopation, anatomize an action (such as pirouette), ring changes on a basic step, and continually ask the dancer to change weight from leg to leg. Barre goes to nearly 35 minutes, and includes three different tendu combinations (increasing in speed), a lovely and unusual exercise for enveloppé, a dégagé set with a brain-teasing rhythm, several études for variations on rond de jambe, an adagio, frappés, and rhythmically opposed grands battements in one sequence.

King lets no grass grow under anyone's feet. Though she demonstrates nearly everything fully (and beautifully), she hurtles through explanations of how each combo should go. Then, bam! It's your turn. The center-floor exercises are wonderfully musical and full of wit; if you can master the sequencing, they are thrilling to execute. This is not a class for the faint of heart — but if you love the puzzle-solving satisfaction of classical dancing, this class will give you pleasure many times over.


Ballet with Carlos Lopez

Students: Scout Forsythe and Garegin Pogossian

Class description coming soon. 


Class descriptions by Mindy Aloff