madame olga

Madame Olga was born in the desolate snow capped mountains of Russia to her parents Daria and Igor. When Olga was five years old Daria noticed a rare gift in her daughter when she gracefully leaped into a full split across a frozen river to save a baby coyote from drowning. That's when she knew Olga would become a ballerina. From that moment the family took the brutal treck by foot to Leningrad to audition for the historic ballet school. On the way they battled ice storms, deadly quick sand, and a run in with descendants of Attila the Hun. When they arrived they were told Olga would have to wait five years before being old enough to audition. Olga would not accept this outcome so she put on her point shoes Daria had made of snow leopard skin and performed "The Swan." The legends who witnessed Olga's dance were so taken aback by this five year olds interpretation of "The Swan" they thought Anna Pavlova had been reincarnated. She was accepted into the school, the youngest in history. At the age of fourteen Olga was the youngest ballerina to ever join the ranks of the company, and that same year to perform the title role of "Giselle." Olga had a legendary career performing all the full lengths. Olga also began a career as a choreographer pushing barriers between the Soviet Union and the world. Her controversial piece "Smugliana" won the "Russian Hope Award" encouraging peace with the West. Olga went on to arrange a gala performance in Moscow to raise awareness and support for the LGBTQ community, something she is passionate about, something quite unacceptable in Russia still till this day, and Putin was to attend. Tragically Olga had to call out sick for the first time in her life when she slipped on her point shoes only to feel broken glass penetrate thru her foot. Somebody sadly succeeded in doing the unthinkable, keep Olga from the stage. Putin insisted she perform, but she just couldn't stand on her toes. Not having followed Putin’s orders, Olga feared for her safety so she fled to the USA. Now she lives in Manhattan, teaches ballet all over the country and still performs. Olga misses her homeland of Russia but is a strong believer in things happening for a reason. She feels although Russia is her heart and soul, America is now her calling. Olga wants to share and spread kindness, acceptance, laughter, passion, connection, peace and above all else love thru the vessel of dance. She wants to make the world a better place one pirouette at a time.